Monday, April 1, 2013

Sims 3 Apartment Mod Download

Have you ever wished that you could have several different sim families all living under one roof? The Sims 3 apartment mod allows you to do just that! Have multiple sim families living in the same building and switch between them easily and simply at any time. Follow the fortunes of more than one family as you build your Sims 3 apartment compex!

Click here to read more and start building your sims 3 apartments!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sims 3 Rideable Dragon Vehicle | Free Sims 3 Vehicle Download

You've driven sims 3 cars. You've ridden sims 3 motorcycles. Now it's time to ride the a sims 3 dragon. This Chinese dragon is a fully drivable vehicle, and now you can even take passengers on the wildest ride of their short sim lives. The dragon is fully recolorable, so you can drive a fire breathing red dragon, or a pink polka dot dragon or a dragon with purple and gold stripes. Long story short, if you can pattern it, you can paint your dragon it - and then you can drive your dragon (which casts a shadow suspiciously like a bicycle, but you know how shadows can be.)

Download the Sims 3 Drivable Dragon Car

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bedroom Bernstein, Free Sims 3 Bedroom Set Download

This free Sims 3 bedroom set comes with six separate pieces including bed, dresser, wardrobe, end table, shelves and a rather nice rug. If you want some free custom content for your sim's bedroom, this is definitely a set you'll want to check out. It has modern lines, is very recolorable and will add a sort of 'Sim Ikea' vibe to your sim homes.

Check out the full set and download it FREE!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sims 3 Secret Door \ Sliding Bookcase Download

Possibly one of the most awesome pieces of player created content I've ever seen, the Sims 3 Secret Door, sliding bookcase door is super. Turn your doorways into something special, and if you like you can even lock them so only one sim can take refuge in the room beyond. Secret doors open the window (heh) to a whole world of secret sim building possibilities, hidden passages, catacombs, secret lairs, you name it, it all starts with a door that doesn't actually look like a door.

Now, to be clear although this book case looks like a bookcase, it doesn't function as one. Instead it functions as a 27 slot decoration holder, so you can decorate it to suit your whims. Place trophies, tiny gnomes, inexplicable flamingos, televisions, whatever you like. For those of you who like your bookcases to contain books, the download now comes with some stackable book objects, so it looks like there are books in your bookcase.

Download this free Sims 3 secret door! (And begin a life of nefarious activities, or tasteful design. I leave the choice up to you.